Journal University Management: Practice and Analysis
About the Journal

About the journal

Journal University Management: Practice and Analysis is published since 1997 and addresses heads of Russian higher educational institutions. Journal targets aspects of university management. Its mission is in improving university management in modern context on the basis of popularization of practical experience of successful managerial teams, conducting seminars, conferences and meetings for university administrators, creating publicly available informational resources in the Internet on the topic of university management modernization and development. 

Journal publishes materials on relevant problems of university management, presents best practices in university management, provides information on programs and projects in the field of university management.

Main topic areas supported by the journal:

  • Strategic management of universities 
  • Managing quality of education 
  • Managing research and innovation  
  • Financial management in higher education 
  • Managing personnel in higher education 
  • Informational technologies in higher educational institution management 
  • Educational marketing 
  • Infrastructure of higher educational institution, etc.

Journal gets contributions from practicing specialists, higher educational institution heads, university management specialists, representatives of authorities.

At present geographical coverage of the journal includes all federal areas of the Russian Federation; the journal is available to managers of majority of Russian public and private higher educational institutions. Issues of the journal are sent to libraries, authors, part of the circulation is distributed at conferences and seminars organized with the participation of the journal. All issues since 1997 are available online at the journal website.

Electronic archive of the journal is the largest Russian language resource on university management. Sites of Russian higher educational institutions and several electronic publications provide references to this information resource.

The journal participates in the following activities:

  1. Publishing 6 issues of the journal per year.
  2. Supporting journal website for:  
    • Providing electronic version of the journal; 
    • Conducting internet conferences on problems of university management; 
    • Conducting discussions on published materials; 
    • Publishing readers’ reviews. 
  3. Conducting round tables, meetings at editor’s office of the journal in order to discuss relevant challenges of higher education reform.
  4. Participating in seminars and conferences on problems of university management in order to spread academic and practical best practices.
  5. Research and consultancy on university management problems.

New Issue: 5, 2017