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Publication Terms

The policy of the journal editorial Board publications portfolio formation is based on the norms of copyright and related legal norms set out in the Russian legislation, ethical principles supported by the community of leading publishers of scientific periodicals. The editorial Board is responsible for making a decision on the publication, which should be based on the reliability, scientific significance and relevance of the work.

It is important to save following principles of the article:

  • Originality of research;
  • Reliable results;
  • Objective discussion of research relevance
  • Bibliographic reference to the used articles, monographies, etc.
  • Using an information from confidential sources just with their permission;
  • All participators who have provide important value include as a coauthor; The last version of the article should be approved by all coauthors with their agreement for publication;
  •  In case of finding important errors or inaccuracies in article the author should inform the editorial board for the purpose of correct it immediately.

The Journal accepts articles of 30000- 40000 characters. Articles should be according to the journal main theme, meet international standards for scientific publications and to be issued in accordance with the established rules. The text should be:

  • Correct;
  • Written in formal language;
  • Written in scientific language.

Incorrect selection and unreliability of the facts, quotations, statistical and other data, proper names, geographical names and other information given by the authors may cause rejection of the submitted material (including the registration stage).

With the articles, authors may present a brief overview about the important scientific occurrence to Editorial Board (no more than 15000 characters) and a review of the newest scientific literature (16000-24000 characters). Till the 1st September of current year are considered a reviews of the books published in the previous or current year. After September 1, reviews of works published only in the current year are accepted for consideration.

The author give their consent to its publication, open access accommodation on the journal website, to the transfer of the text of the article (including links, bibliographic information, etc.) to persons whose provision of this information is mandatory, or to other persons in order to ensure the possibility of citing the publication and increase the citation index of the author and the journal when he send the article to the Journal University Management: Practice and Analysis.

The Editorial Board makes a decision to accept the article, recommend correcting or rejecting the article.

The Editorial Board is vested with a right to reduce or make editorial changes of the manuscript.

The author's materials published in the Journal reflect the personal point of view of the authors, which may differ from the point of view of the Editorial Board.

Every manuscript will be checked for plagiarism by the special software. In case of borrowing  it may be decided to reject the manuscript. It depends on the circumstances.

New Issue: 3, 2018