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Subscription is organized via:

  1. Russian Press catalogue “Newspapers. Magazines”. Subscription index is 46431 (printed format).
  2. Application to journal’s editor’s office. Subscription application should contain return address, INN and KPP of subscriber and the number of issues. You can send applications by fax +7 (343) 371-56-04 or to e-mail (printed and electronic format).
  3. Journal website (see below) (printed and electronic format)

Cost of subscription is:

  • Printed format for 1 year 6 600 rubles, for 6 months - 3300 rubles.
  • Electronic format for 1 year 1800 rubles, for 6 months - 900 rubles.

Journal is published once in two months. 

Subscription at the website

Choose desired format and duration of subscription. Add subscription to your basket and click Pay to move to payment page.


Purchasing articles and individual issues

If you wish to purchase individual article or issue move on to the page of relevant issue or article in Archive and press Add to basket.

If you wish to pre-order journal choose necessary issue for current year and format:

Issue 2019 1 600 ADD TO BASKET

For authors of publications

Authors can purchase 3 copies of printed format of the issue where their article was published for discount price of 1800 rubles.

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