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Teaching and consulting projects of the journal University Management: Practice and Analysis on organizing strategic management at you higher educational institution

  • Teaching seminar Higher educational institution strategic management

Introducing heads and specialists from higher education institution to theory and practice of strategic management of higher educational institutions in Russia and abroad (8-16 hours).

  • Project seminars Formulating higher educational institution strategy and Formulating higher educational institution development program

Formulating mission of the higher educational institution, strategic aims and performance criteria, programs and projects on implementing stated objectives (3-5 sessions 2 days each for managers, specialists and key personnel of higher educational institution for the period from 3 to 6 months). 

  • Consulting project Organizing higher educational institution strategic management

Formulating strategy of higher educational institution, reorganizing functional and administrative structures, redesigning organizational culture (processual and expert consulting of heads and specialists during 6-12 months).

Projects are implemented by the experts of the journal University Management Practice and Analysis.

The price is defined on the basis of the higher educational institution requirements.

Information about implemented projects on strategic management:

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New Issue: 3, 2018